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Going Green

Recycling at The Fair

Recycling at The Fair

The Colorado State Fair continues to work on a feasible and cost-effective way to enhance our recycling programs. In May, 2010 our journey began when the Fair received a grant from the state health department to purchase 25 recycling stations for public use during events. By the end of 2010, we had collected almost 1,200 pounds of aluminum and 330 cubic yards of plastic and cardboard at the station.

But we knew those were definitely not enough to reach our recycling goals. In July of 2011, the Fair was given an Economic Opportunity grant which was used to purchase 76 more recycling stations, 10 cardboard-collection stations and a cardboard baler. Already we know the program is succeeding because we are hauling away less trash and collecting a lot more recyclable material.

The Fair currently recycles paper, cardboard, cooking oil, manure and animal bedding, glass, plastic, aluminum and other scrap metal. To date, the Fair has recycled more than:
- 2,500 pounds of aluminum,
- 60 tons of mixed glass, plastic, paper, loose cardboard & various scrap metal) and
- approximately 10 tons of baled cardboard.

It's the Fair's goal to help preserve the environment and stay current on "greener" options. Be sure to look for the blue recycling containers for your plastic and aluminum trash!

Recycling containers