Tickets for the Colorado State Fair will go on-sale June 7, 2014 at 10a.m.
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New Cashless card system

Answers about Cashless cards

The Colorado State Fair is moving to a cashless system for the 2013 fair, in which fair-goers will use a card to buy their food, drinks and rides. Fair patrons can load their cards with as much or as little money as they want, and they won’t have to carry cash while they enjoy themselves.

How does the Cashless system work?

Fairgoers buy a Cashless card ($1 each) when they begin their Fair visit and use the card to buy rides, food and drinks while they are here. The Card can be reloaded during your Fair visit, or you can use it as a way to set a fair budget!

The card keeps you from having to bring or hold onto large quantities of cash during your visit. And it helps the Fair save time and money processing and verifying income from vendors on the Fairgrounds. With the cashless system, the Fair’s whole financial system runs more smoothly, and you only have one card to worry about during your visit.

What does it COST me?

Cards cost $1 initially, and you can load and reload the cards as much as you want.

How do I GET and LOAD A CARD?

You can buy a card for $1 at one of the 150 cashless system kiosks located inside the Fairgrounds, starting Aug. 21st when competitions begin here at the fairgrounds. You can use cash or a credit card to load the card, and then go have fun!

How do I RELOAD my card?

Loading more money onto your Cashless card is easy. Just stop at one of the kiosks or you may also reload your card through a vendor as long as you are using a credit/ debit card to load your Cashless card. If you want to use cash to load your card, you will need to use a kiosk..

What if my card RUNS OUT while I’m buying something?

You can load more money onto your card, as long as you are using a credit card,, even when you are standing at a vendor stall and in the middle of buying something!

WHERE at the Fair can I use my Cashless card?

All food, beverages, rides and games at the Fair can be purchased with the card. Food and beverage vendors and ride and game operators are equipped with counter-top or handheld readers to be able to accept your card.

Where at the Fair do I need cash instead of the cashless card?

All of your shopping that you do during the Fair will still be on a cash system. This means you can still use cash or your credit card to purchase jewelry, Kitchen Craft cookware, Innovative Structures, spas, etc. In addition gate admission tickets and entertainment tickets will still be purchased with cash or credit card.

HOW LONG does my card last?

Any money you load on your card will remain on your account for a minimum of five years. The State of Colorado requires us to turn all money that has not been active for five years over to the state’s unclaimed property division.

What happens if I don’t spend all the money I put on the card?

The State Fair will issue refunds on-line.  A check will be mailed to you within 7 – 10 business days. Stay tuned for more details about having your money refunded. Any money not refunded will remain on your account until you are ready to use it again next year. Money on cards that is not claimed by the card purchaser after 5 years goes to the state’s unclaimed property department, as required by state law.a

Do I have to buy cards for every member of my family?

Only if you want to. The whole family can use a single card, or you can buy cards for each person (great for children) so they can ride the rides and buy snacks while staying within the spending limit you set on the card.

They want my personal information! Why?

Only if you agree, the Fair would like your email address to be able to email you receipts for using your card and information about other events you might be interested in. You do not have to provide personal information, but can if you choose.

However, your name and zip code will be required for your protection. In the event your card is lost or stolen, you can present your ID to the Cashless customer-service representative and a new card will be issued with whatever your current balance is on the card. It’s better than cash, because even if you lose it, it is possible to get the money back!

I lost my card! Now what?

The Fair has a Cashless customer-service office located inside the Security office in front of the Small Animal building, staffed with people to help you find your card if it has been turned in, or get another one. We will only be able to issue you a new card, however, if you include your name and zip code when you purchase the card. At that point, you can present your ID to the customer service rep, and for $1, they will give you a new card with the balance they are able to see that’s left on your card. Your current card will be canceled in the event a new one is issued.

Vendors will use modified iPads to deduct money from your cashless card when you buy something to eat or drink, or when you ride something at the carnival.