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Wed. Aug. 29 at 7p. Tickets $30
Thursday, Aug. 30. Tickets $40
Friday, Aug. 31 at 7p. Tickets $30
Saturday, Sept. 1 at 7p. Tickets $25
Sunday, Sept. 2 at 7p. Tickets $20
Friday, Aug. 24 after Rodeo. Tickets $22
Saturday, Aug. 25 after rodeo. Tickets $22
Featuring Ring-Tailed Lemurs, this attraction allows you to get up close and personal with these fascinating creatures. Other animals you can pet may include a zebra, camel, monkeys, a buffalo, and more! Several 20-minute shows each day
Daily shows at 12p, 2p and 6p
Daily Shows at 11a, 3p, 5p and 7:30p
Shows Daily at 12:30p, 4:30p, 6:30p and 8:30p
Daily Shows at 1p, 4p and 7p
Shows Daily at 5p and 8p and roaming
Shows Daily at 7p, Sat., Sun. and Labor Day shows at 12:30, 2:30, 4:30 and 7p
Sat., Sept. 1 starting at 11a and going all day
Dance Workshop at 5p, Shows at 7:30p and 9:30p Aug. 25 - 31 only
See schedule for dates and times of events happening in the Davis Wire Arena
See schedule for events happening in the Horse Show area throughout the Fair.
Check the Schedule for all the different General Entry Competitions held here daily.
Check the Schedule for the competitions held daily to include birds, rabbits, chickens, horticulture exhibits and wool show.
Saturday, Aug. 25 at 6p
Wed. Aug. 29 from 5 - 7p. Get your tickets at the KIQN booth.
Thurs. Aug. 30 - Sept. 3 from 11a to 8p. Taste whisky, rum, vodka and everythign in between, all distilled in Colorado and mixed with Colorado's own Freshies Drink Mix.
Fri. Aug. 31 at 8p and Sat. Sept. 1 at 1p. Tickets $20 and $15
Sat. Sept. 1 at 7p. Tickets are $20 and $15
Mon. Sept. 3 at 3p. Tickets are $10
Fri. Aug. 24 at 7p. Tickets are $45 and $25
Sun. Sept. 2 only. Walk through a life-size brain and learn what happens during a stroke or other brain-related illnesses.
Kids of all ages enjoy this fun-filled Ag-venture where they can experience a variety of farm animals and hands on activities, daily
Learn about a variety of Colorado Products and services offered through fun-interactive activities daily
FFA participants work hard year round on these animals they display for the public to see as they stand by to answer any questions.
Unlimited Ride Band $30/day, Tickets are $1 each, Mega Pass is $85. Mon - Fri. 2 - Midnight, Sat., Sun & Labor Day are 12 to midnight
Walk on Water as you roll around in a self-contained bubble.
If you want to know what it feels like to ride a rocket, this ride is for you.
Rides for the little tykes start at 10a daily and run to 11p
Zip 20' in the air across Fountain Park
Ever wonder what it feels like for a Hamster, jump in one of these Human Hamster Balls and roll around for a while. It's wild, out of control...and a blast.
Strap yourself into what looks like a regular chair and experience the thrill of riding a roller coaster, jumping off a cliff, flying and everythign in between.


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