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Boer & Dairy Goats

Date: July 31 - Sept 02, 2019
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Boer Goat entries due July 31st! Dairy Goat entries due August 14th!

Exhibitors should read the "What's New in Livestock in 2019" under the General Information section of this website.

The Open Boer Goat Show is open to exhibitors from all over the United States. Percentage Does, Fullblood Does and Fullblood Bucks will be shown. The Colorado State Fair Boer Goat Show is a part of the six show circuit in conjunction with the Nebraska State Fair and the Colorado Boer Classic! Full details are listed in the Show Information.

The Open Dairy Goat competition is open to exhibitors from all over the United States. There will be two Open Dairy Goat Shows, along with Milking Competitions and special "events."

The Youth Dairy Goat competition consists of Swiss and Nubian goat shows, as well as Youth Showmanship.

Goat Exhibitors must read and be familiar with all Colorado State Fair General and Livestock Competition Requirements. Exhibitors should continue to check the Health Requirements often prior to arriving at the Colorado State Fair in the event of updates from the Colorado State Veterinarian's Office. For complete event information and entry forms, please scroll down this page and click on the links below under Show Information.

For questions regarding entry, please call 719-404-2027.

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