Mkt Animal Nomination
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Market Animal Nomination

Date: June 08 - Aug 01, 2020
Market Animals coming to the Colorado State Fair must be nominated through the County Extension Office. Nomination forms must be completed and and sent to the Livestock Office by the extension office no later than June 8th. Any nominations that have retinal scans attached DO NOT need to submit DNA. Nominations DO NOT need DNA samples attached before they are sent to the Fair by the extension offices.

Exhibitors will have until July 1st to submit DNA samples for all animals listed on the nomination form. DNA sample envelopes will be available to be ordered online June 1st and must be ordered prior to midnight on Friday, June 26, 2020.

Nomination forms and DNA samples ARE NOT entry into the Colorado State Fair. Entries will close on August 1st and may done online or via USPS postmarked August 1st.
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