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Small Animal Competition Requirements

Date: Aug 01, 2020
All 2020 Colorado State Fair Small Animal Exhibitors are required to read and be familiar with all of the Colorado State Fair and Small Animal Show Competition and Entry Requirements. Exhibitors should read, be familiar and print the competition requirements included in this section including: the Colorado State Fair General Competition Requirements; General Livestock Competition Requirements; Junior Livestock Competition Requirements, Junior Livestock Sale Participation Requirements, IAFE Show Ring Code of Ethics and Drug Residue Avoidance Guidelines.

Please be sure to read the Health Requirements prior to arriving at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. The health requirements are subject to change at the last minute if there is an outbreak of a disease in our area, therefore, we ask every exhibitor to check the website prior to coming to the Fair to make sure you have the proper paper work on your animals in order to get on the grounds.

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